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Feb 09

Tips For Writing Effective and Search Engine Optimized Blog Articles

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In this article I am going to tell you how to write an effective blog entry . Your blog entry should be readable to others and also it needs to be optimized for the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. So that when people search the keywords, they might find your article as a result and read your article. We are also going to emphasize on a creating a  better look of a blog entry.


Tips for writing Good Blog Article :

1.  Appropriate Title : Chose a title that is unique. It should contain the keyword so that when people will search those certain keywords in google , your article might appear as result.  Title should not be too large or too small.

2. Headings : If you are writing a long entry, make sure you write headings in the articles. The heading should contain the keywords. Which will make your article easy to understand also, the search engines will read the keywords in the heading.

3. Meta Info : As google can not read the entire document, it just tries to pick some keywords from your articles. So for the search Engines like google, it is very important to write meta info , which contains meta tags and description. In meta tag you can write the keywords followed by Commas (,). You will chose those keywords which you think can be used by some user while searching for your article in google.

For example you are writing on how to cook noodles.  So for this article your meta tags can be:

Noodle recipe, chines food recipe, how to cook noodles. Cooking noodles, tasty food recipe, fast food , veg noodles recipe etc.

Amount of keywords should be 8-10 . do not write too much keywords that might annoy google.

For meta description you can write a small 2-3 lines description of the article which again contains the keywords.

For example :  “this is recipe to make noodles, learn how to cook noodles, easy way of cooking noodes , etc.”

4. Original Content : Make sure that you always post original content, as google never likes the duplicate content that is already published on internet. That way google migh lower down the rank of your article.

5. Categorize : Always chose an appropriate category before saving your article.  If you are writing a poem save it in English poem category, if you are writing  something on technology save in that category. This will make the readers easy to search your article in the website.

6. Images : Always choose appropriate images, make sure you upload the images of small size, because the large images will take more time to download hence your article would take more time to get displayed. Also you should use only your original image, or those which are in public domain. While displaying the image make sure they are aligned properly and size and location of the image is properly set. You can use the Image insert/edit option available at the top of the editor.

7. Formatting : Always use a nice formatting to your article to make it more attracting. Use normal font size. Because too big or too small size might annoy the reader. Bold the important words where necessary.

Mozila Firefox web browser is recommended for Blogging. You can always search for more options in the right hand side pannel of "Write New Entry" Window. From our end our team always tries improve your blog and make them Search Engine friendly. For any issue you can always raise your queries and e-mail on


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