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Catch My Post is an endeavor to provide a common platform for sharing ones creation, be it in form of a photograph, a piece of fine art, a simple recipe which brings joy to ones dinner table or a dump of ones opinion in form of a blog post.
We intend this to become a favored destination for all netizens who intend to share their creative content and appreciate the work of others.
Apart from being an exhibition of creative content we want it to become a perfect means for rejuvenating ones senses after a hectic day of work. Though this is a collective effort from a lot of hands, some of key people associated with the website are:


Managing Director: Ojaswi Kaushal
Editor-In-Chief: Sanjay Kaushal
Technical Advisor: Daljeet Singh, Amit Rana, Rajneesh Rana
Board of Advisors: Dr. Manish Verma, Arpan Kaushal, Shivani Verma


All the content posted by various artists is first approved by the Content Selection Board before it gets published

Content Selection Board: Arpan Kaushal, Juan Peterson, Anita Malhotra