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May 02

What am i hear for?

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Thinking about my life again

wondering how long ill be playing

This game of chess how long I be able to last

For it seems I’m just an outcast

don’t know where I’m headed

But these tears I’m shedding

wont just dissipate

and go away

They become scars that create

another way to remember the pain

Why am I alive why do I look the way I do

Why cant I ever feel true

how can I escape my own image

I feel like a victim from my enemies pillaging

Why do I feel so grim

to get out alive chances slim

Can anyone relate to my mind

or am I destined to  be benign

Having no purpose or reason to the madness

Cause my souls full of such sadness

Can I break from this I feel a sickness

That comes from the deepest sickest

Disease from the devil himself

How does god plan to help

Id really like to know his plan for my life

But he seems to just be quiet tonight

I hope to find his love some how

But I guess it’ll have start with a bow

An act of humiliation

Instead of retaliation

Of going back to the sin

Please god speak my name again

Cause its hard to find the location of your voice

With all this destructive noise filling my ears

With sounds that just fuel my fears

And make me hide away

I guess I should have never strayed






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