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May 02

English Poem on Death - In A Room With Death

Bailey Posted by: Bailey in English Poems Print PDF
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Isolated in a room, 

With nothing, 

But the thought of death on the mind. 


I long for the death, 

Of myself to come soon, 

Not later. 

I would be happy, 

If death came and touched my shoulder, 

Taking me away forever. 


It feels as if, 

There is nothing left, 

On this world to bring me happiness, 

Because all I had, 

Was taken away from me; 

It was burned to a crisp, 

And all that was left, 

Was the ashes in the wind. 

It happened so fast, 

That in the blink of an eye, 

It was done.


I wish for no tomorrow, 

And for the yesterday to be my last, 

I want to be stuck with no light, 

No air, 

And no people, 

Alone forever, 

In my dark room, 

Of depression and isolation.



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