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May 05

Love and Friendship

shashikantnishantsharma Posted by: shashikantnishantsharma in English Poems Print PDF
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Love is like a call

If you don’t receive it

It will be missed call

Love is heavenly perceive it

I desire for you, it’s a feeling of love

We walk together on beach

Nowhere to reach

Then it’s good love

You do whatsoever to attain your love

Then it’s a dedicated love

You do whatsoever to keep her happy

Change yourself to suit her

And you become the true lover

Friendship is like an SMS

All are welcome no any clash

Gives space to decides your fates

And until you open it, it waits

I say and you listen, it’s a good Friendship

You say and I listen, it’s a better Friendship

But I don't say and you understand

I feel lonely and besides me you stand

Then it is the best friendship

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


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