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May 03


tewari Posted by: tewari in English Poems Print PDF
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As I sat on my bed pondering
Tears rolled down my face effusively
A name had been wiped off my life
Leaving nothing but the memories behind

There was a painful longing for his touch
There was a craving for his soft gaze
There was yearning for his infectious laugh
There was within me just an aching heart

Why was I expected to start my life again?

Why was I expected to smile again?

Why was I expected to be happy again?

Why was I expected to live again?

I was struggling with all the tiring questions
Feeling miniscule under the burden of loneliness
When suddenly something caught my attention
It had been lying there forever, unnoticed

Something that was supposed to be my gift
Something that he had bought just for me
A dark brown beautiful violin
Something that I loved to play while he listened

I held it in my hands
With my touch, it erupted into powerful bright music
I felt a strange intoxicating spell

As if it was calling out my name

The notes wrapped me in their warmth
Gave me shelter when I had nowhere to go
Filled my hollow heart with love

The sound, the music, resurrected me


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