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May 10

Socialism and Pluralism

shashikantnishantsharma Posted by: shashikantnishantsharma in English Poems Print PDF

When power rules
The pot of vice is fills
And might becomes right
When money is valued more than man
When man don't get what he can
Poor get fooled
And sometime culled
Toiling day and night
For someone else delight
Living a life of plight
Seeing the sight
Bothering not slight
The spark of revolution get light
Setting emotions in motion
Signalling an era of evolution
If the system doesn't change
For the benefits that they exchange
The system fails without fail
Its a theory not a tale
Then right becomes might
And begins a fight
Fight for right
For own delight
Share the benefits of society
Between weak and mighty
Might is not always right
When someone is ready to face
With due diligence and delight
When the anger surface
Then no other options but to flight
Giving way to socialism
Democracy and pluralism 

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


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