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नींबू का अचार Nimboo ka achar , nimbu achar , lime / lemon pickle recipe नीम्बू का आचार How to make PDF Print Write e-mail
Monday, 07 November 2011 06:47

Lemon pickle is India’s one of the most served and liked pickle,  lots of variants of the same are available depending on the taste. Some people like it without chilly some like it very hot and spicy, some people don’t add any sugar, some like it with a blend of sugar and sour which gives a nice taste.
Hence the quantity of ingredients will vary according to your own taste.


Ingredients :

•    Lemon / Neembu  – 1 kg.
•     Salt – 10- 15 tsp (according to the taste)
•    Asafetida powder -  1 tsp
•    Cloves – 10 – 15 nos.
•    Carom Seed  - 4- 6 tsp
•    Cumin Seed/ powder -  3 tsp
•    Red Chilly Powder – 4- 5 tsp (Optional and According to the taste)
•    Sugar – 250 gm .
•    Vinegar – 5 tsp
•     Boiling water – 1- 2 liters.

Procedure :

1.    Wash and clean the lemons. Put them in boiling water for 2-3  minutes .
2.    Soak and dry the lemons, and make sure there is no water remaining on the lemons, you may put them in sun for an hour.
3.    Take a big bowl, put salt, carom seed, asafetida powder, chilly powder (optional), cumin seed powder, cloves.
4.    Now cut the lemons squeeze them into the bowl, after squeezing cut each lemon into 4-8 small pieces depending upon the size of the lemons. the Juice of the lemons will make a paste with salt and the spice, make sure all the lemon pieces are properly dipped into the salt paste, otherwise they might turn bitter.
5.    add vinegar to the mixture.
6.    Insert the mixture in a jar, and leave out in the sun for a week .
7.    After a week add the sugar powder in the pickle, and mix well. Sugar will add a very nice Khatta Meetha taste to the pickle.
8.    The pickle is ready to be served after 10-15 days.

Savita Kaushal
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